A Name to be
trusted upon

We are Apex Power Systems. We are a leading battery manufacturer based in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Established well over two decades ago, we now manufacture a range of high quality batteries that range from Inverters, Automotives, to Solar and E-rickshaw batteries.

Apart from high quality durable batteries, we also manufacture 'true happiness' for our valued customers and clients all of whom are really delighted to use our products for its durability and reliability.

Apex Logo

What we stand for

Apex Power Systems is strongly founded on three core values - ICI - which is Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.

  • Our first core value is Integrity, without which we wouldn't be what we are today.
  • Our Second core value is unwavering Commitment to our customers, who are delighted to use Apex's products.
  • Our Third core value is Excellence which is what Apex is all about. To scale the height of Excellence at any cost. Because we are Apex. Nothing less will do.

Corporate Vision

Our Vision is to ensure happiness for everyone by getting rid of darkness through our innovative products and solutions.

Corporate Mission

Our Mission is to bring happiness in everyone's face by offering superior range of sustainable products and services to ensure a bright future.

Our Inspiring Leadership

We are a professionally run company with a team of highly-trained professionals with in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the battery industry. We hire and employ top talents drawn from across the country. In fact, we have no bureaucracy as we strongly believe in the personal aspiration of every individual. We give full freedom to move up the value chain by fostering innovation, excellence and professional ethics, which is why we are Apex.


Mr. Durgesh Gupta


Back in the good old days, a very young and strongly motivated entrepreneur from a small town in North India had a dream - a dream to 'scale and conquer' the world of the Indian battery market. It was not an easy dream. In fact, it seemed more like a nightmare rather than a dream. Because there were many formidable giants in the Indian battery market. Being an entrepreneur he was not at all deterred. His gut feelings said, "GO OUT. YOU CAN DO IT". But he realized it is not an easy task. Luckily, he has read the story of David and Goliath, and David's amazing achievement. He realized how anyone armed with grit and determination can scale greater heights.

Inspired by his vision and dreams, he went out to conquer the world. He started his journey from Hathras, his hometown in his native UP, where he set up his first battery manufacturing plant way back in 2001.

Almost two decades later, the struggle is almost over. But there are still many hurdles to overcome on the way before he could reach the very Apex of Indian battery market. Though very few may have heard of Mr. Durgesh Gupta at that time, now everyone in the battery industry knows and respects him as the master brain behind the phenomenal success of Apex Power Systems, which has emerged as the fastest-growing leader in this segment.

Apex Over Years